Software for Aerospace Structural Analysis and Design Optimization


What Is HyperX Aerospace Software?

HyperX is structural analysis and design software developed for the aerospace and defense industry. The software helps engineers analyze and design laminates, ply shapes, sandwich panels, stiffened panels, grid-stiffened panels, bolted joints, and bonded joints using aerospace industry standard methods for both composite and metal structure.

HyperX is a companion to your finite element solver for performing detailed stress analysis on thousands of load cases for hundreds of analytical failure methods. It automatically generates Excel and Word stress reports along with equations and margin-of-safety summaries.

HyperX provides intuitive workflows for individual structural analysts and teams to mature their structure from a conceptual design all the way to part release. It provides a seamless process for performing sizing optimization using the same detailed analyses required for certification.

Its database contains the entirety of a project’s material systems, fastener vendor data, analysis policies, and design space.


Where is HyperX Used?

Urban Air Mobility

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Complex Composites

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Why use HyperX Software for Aerospace Structural Design and Analysis?

To Center Your Design

Reduce Weight

  • Find the lightest weight materials, composite laminates, and dimensions
  • Explore different designs using rapid sizing
  • Mature your design with detailed sizing

Panels and Beams

Fastened and Bonded Joints

Composite Laminates

Sizing Optimization

Trade Studies

Improve Producibility

  • Ply shape and sequencing
  • Thermoset, thermoplastic, resin infusion, fastener counts, induction welds
  • Automated Fiber Placement (AFP) laps, gaps, steering radius



Composite Stiffened Panels

CAD/CAM Interface

Metal Structures

Shorten Schedule

  • Achieve positive margins in 10 times fewer work days
  • Seamlessly go back and forth from analysis to design
  • Shorten PDR to CDR certification timeline

Streamline Workflows

FEM Workflow

Analysis Workflow

Design Workflow

Enterprise Workflow

Achieve Certification

  • Hundreds of aerospace analysis methods
  • Customer-specific analysis method plugins
  • Analysis visibility with details and equations

Analysis Consistency

Analysis Traceability

Stress Reports

Analysis Methods and Customization


When should I use HyperX?

The earlier the better… because HyperX ensures “One source of truth” consistency from preliminary design through final analysis certification providing powerful traceability tools, automation of stress reports, and a simplified path to certification.

Design Process

Step 1

Conceptual Design

  • Evaluate different architectural layouts
  • Trade panel concepts and materials
  • Iterate FEA to converge loads
Step 2

Preliminary Design

  • Rapid sizing of panel profile dimensions and layups
  • Size for global stiffness
  • Edge joint fastener design sizing
Step 3

Critical Structural Design

  • Detailed sizing of panel profile dimensions and layups
  • Resolve negative margins
  • Discrete joint fastener design sizing
Step 4

Part Release

  • Structural analysis and stress reports
  • Ply shapes and sequencing on tool
  • CAD/CAM interface

How can I see HyperX?

HyperX Videos

1. Fundamentals

  • FEM model and FEA results import
  • Structure creation
  • Analysis, Design, and Load Property assignment

2. User Interface

  • Model centric user interaction with all data
  • Data visualization and traceability through all workflows
  • High performance graphics to handle large models with millions of elements
  • High performance database to handle terabytes of data

3. Tutorial – Preliminary Design of an eVTOL UAM Wing

  • Using a coarsely meshed FEM, optimize wing skins, spars, and ribs including panels and edge joints
  • Perform design trades with different materials, laminate families, and panel and joint concepts
  • Upload design trends to cloud or enterprise dashboard to share with project team

Aerospace Structural Analysis and Design Optimization

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