Collier Aerospace HyperX / AIAA Structures Best Paper Award

About the Award

Collier Aerospace and AIAA Structures TC sponsor this annual award, which  recognizes a top ranking structures paper at AIAA SciTech. Recipient receives recognition and an Honorarium from the endowment fund established by Collier Aerospace.

Award Recipients


Authors: Faisal As’ad and Charbel Farhat, Stanford University

Paper Title: AIAA Citation: A Mechanics-Informed Neural Network Framework for Data-Driven Nonlinear Viscoelasticity


Authors: D. Scott Norwood, Scott Malaznik, Brandon M. Schneberger, Kevin M. Fuller, Jason A Grant, Matthew T. Gill, and Jesse C. Long, Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Company: and Kevin S. Brown, Air Force Research Laboratory
Paper Title: A Study of Airframe Thermal Stresses for Hybrid Composite-Metallic Structure


Authors: John Brewer and Anthony Palazotto, Air Force Institute of Technology; Casey Holycross and Michael Gran, Air Force Research Laboratory 

Paper Title: Structural Joints and Repairs: Bearing Fatigue Response in Bolted Hybrid Composite Joints


Authors: Shiyao Lin and Anthony Waas
Paper Title: Experimental and Numerical Study on the Low Velocity Impact Damage of a Shear Dominated Composite Laminate


Authors: Gearóid Clancy (pictured left), Daniël Peeters, Vincenzo Oliveri, Ronan O’Higgins, David Jones, and Paul Weaver (pictured right)
Paper Title: Steering of Carbon Fiber/Thermoplastic Pre-preg Tapes using Laser-Assisted Tape Placement


Authors: Yile Hu and Prof. Erdogan Madenci (U. Arizona)
Paper Title: Peridynamic Modeling of Fatigue Damage in Notched Composite Laminates


Authors: Dianyun Zhang, Pascal Meyer, and Anthony Waas
Paper Title: Effect of Notch on the Failure Response of Oxide/Oxide Ceramic Composites


Authors: Rainer MJ Groh, Paul M Weaver
Paper Title: Mass Optimization of Variable Angle Tow, Variable Thickness Panels with Static Failure and Buckling Constraints


Authors: Stephen Clay, Vipul Ranatunga
Paper Title: Internally Reinforced Adhesively Bonded Metal to Composite Joints


Authors: K. Chauncey Wu, Bret K. Stanford, Glenn A. Hrinda, Zhuosong Wang, Robert A. Martin, and H. Alicia Kim
Paper Title: Structural Assessment of Advanced Composite Tow-Steered Shells


Authors: Rauno Cavallaro, Luciano Demasi, Andrea Passariello
Paper Title: Nonlinear Analysis of PrandtlPlane Joined Wings. Part II: Effects of Anisotropy

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