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Reduce WeightHyperSizer
HyperSizer (1995 - 2021) is the predecessor to HyperX (2021 - Present)
50 Panel and Beam Concepts
Composite laminate stiffness formulation and failure analyses
Composite and metal sandwich panel specific stiffness formulation and failure analyses
Composite and metal stiffened panel specific stiffness formulation and failure analyses
Composite and metal beam specific stiffness formulation and failure analyses
FEM Joints
Point joints for connector elements (e.g. Nastran CBUSH, Abaqus CONN3D2)
Edge line joints: one-member (loads terminating) and two-member (loads passing through)
Edge and point joint load processing techniques such as element by element, element average, peak element, and statistical
Bolted Joints
Industry-standard preloaded fastener analysis (NASA 5020 method)
Fastener bearing and bearing-bypass for laminate analysis
Single, double, and triple shear joints
Applicable to edge joints and point joints
Integrated database of commonly used vendor data of rivets, Hi-Loks, and threaded fasteners
Joint stiffnesses quantified and applied to Nastran PBUSH properties in FEM update
Sizing of fastener type, diameter, spacing and rows
Visual workflow within user interface - including tree interaction with FEM view
Bonded Joints
Linear and nonlinear adhesive material models
Analyses include linear/nonlinear peel and interlaminar shear stresses
Virtual Crack Closure Technique, VCCT, to account for the requirement of assumed undetected crack in the bond line
Stiffened panel bond between skin and attached flange
Many joint configurations: (single lap, double strap, clevis, stepped lap, doubler)
Sizing of adhesive material and thickness, bond overlap length, and taper
Visual workflow within user interface - including tree interaction with FEM view
Sizing with Effective Laminates (EL) – only laminate thickness and ply angle % are defined
Sizing with Discrete Laminates (DL) – candidate laminates are fully defined with a prescribed stacking order
Sizing with Laminate Families (LF) –candidate laminates are fully defined with a prescribed stacking order and a ply sequence (see below)
Design Sizing Optimization
Zone based - Rapid sizing of plates, laminates, sandwich, and stiffened panels
Element based - Rapid sizing of plates and laminates
Detailed sizing zone based
All panel and beam failure analyses, including customer plugins, control sizing resulting in positive margins-of-safety to all load cases
All bolted and bonded failure analyses control sizing resulting in positive margins- of-safety to all load cases
FEA eigenvalue buckling stiffness optimization to required eigenvalue for all modes
FEA stiffness optimization to required deflection
Optimize laminate FEM zone boundaries interactively
Organic global ply shape optimization
Real-time weight-vs-producibility design studies with pareto frontiers
Dashboard Design Alternatives
Web browser ‘Dashboard’ for plots of project results such as weight trends saved permanently in a cloud or company server database
Shorten ScheduleHyperSizer
Change design inputs and rerun to get immediate result update without having to rerun an entire FEA
Seamlessly transition between analysis and design optimization
Large FEM management
Enterprise-level database management
Analysis, Design, and Load Properties
Fast and flexible creation, assignment, and visualization of design and analysis inputs via “properties”
“Drag-n-drop" analysis, design, and load properties directly onto FEM zones through either the graphics viewport or tree nodes
Robust and traceable zone-property assignment
User Interface
FEM centric user interface. User interacts with the FEM to apply and select data
Immediate synchronization feedback between viewport and tree
Four separate and dockable "Tree" windows for: Structure, Property, FEM, and CAD data
Filtered search of tree entities
"Watch Window" for viewing and extracting inputs and outputs in a tabular format, interactive with viewport
Radial menu for quick “how" and "what" selections
Space Mouse support
Organized main ribbon for primary features such as model setup, sizing, etc.
2D visual of stiffened cross sections with ply layers displayed for both skin and stiffener
3D visual of sequenced plies across surface zones
3D visual of sandwich cores with tapers
3D visual of sequenced plies from core ramp facesheets to solid laminate edge bands
3D visual of stiffened panel and beam cross sections on the FEM viewport
Enhanced plotting options for both input and outputs using legend
Data probe (min/max labels) to quickly query data inputs and outputs directly on the model
Distance measuring tool
Enterprise Use Case
Material database with metal, sandwich core, and composite ply and laminate based allowables with correction factors
Database template with 'company-specific' materials, designs, and analysis policy to distribute within stress group
Company to Group to Engineer Database split up process with controlled data migration path
Tools to merge individual engineer results back into group database and deconflict duplicate IDs
FEM Workflow
FEM import of Nastran and Abaqus models
FEA loads processing of Nastran and Abaqus models
FEM update with sized panels and beams
FEM reimport (element based or property based)
FEM Import of preprocessor model organization entities: sets, components, assemblies, include files
Enhanced user options to control how material data is exported to the FEM
Faster import and visualization and tracking of processed FEM entities
Filtering mechanisms to control imported FEM entities
Large, High Fidelity FEMs
High performance graphics to handle models with millions of elements (magnitudes larger than HyperSizer)
New database technology for terabytes of ‘Big Data.’ (Previous HyperSizer database limit 2GB)
Filtering mechanisms to control imported FEM entities
Integrated Help system
Analysis method documentation
HyperFEA™ for auto execution and monitoring FEA runs. Auto iteration with sizing
HyperFEMgen™ for auto generation of local study models including mesh generation, property assignments, applied loads, and boundary conditions.
API for automation via scripting
Test Like You Fly (TLYF) capability, which includes flight load enveloping with test loads and corresponding reporting
Test optimizer tool for defining optimum test loads to envelope flight loads
Test database for collection of test results, categorized by failure mode. Direct comparison to analysis predictions
Section cut analysis and sizing - interactive with FEM view and tree. All engineering calculations (EA, EI, GJ)
Automated zone generation to split up large FEM properties where they connect with underlying substructure, and resulting auto calculation of span lengths
Process monitor that interactively reports progress of running sizing/analysis, including intermediate results and warnings/errors
Improve ProducibilityHyperSizer
Laminate Families
Laminate Families (LF) – Native generation and sizing with a producible set of sequenced plies that make discretely defined laminate candidates
Laminate family sizing of solid laminates, sandwich, and stiffened panels (including both skins and stiffeners)
Main stacking sequences are generated automatically from rapid sizing results, using standard or user-defined stacking rules
Laminate families are generated automatically from main stacking sequences using different drop patterns like diamond, hourglass, interleave, and pyramid
Company-specific laminate families can be imported directly from Excel spreadsheet
Multiple Laminate families can be sized simultaneously and be used with pareto frontier design studies
Ply Sequencing and Laydown Shape
Ply sequencing with user-specified emphasis on weight vs manufacturability
Ply shape producibility scoring
Interactive tools for modifying/cleaning up ply shapes
Laminate Producibility Trends
Integrated design study: Ply angle precent Pareto Frontier plots
Integrated design study: Laminate family Pareto Frontier plots
Stiffened Panels
Integrated geometric ratio (Ri) checks for fabrication constraints. Corresponding watch window reporting
CAD/CAM Interface
Import of simulated AFP fiber directions for use in per-ply, per-element analysis
Export of HyperX-optimized ply boundaries in generic CAD formats
Achieve CertificationHyperSizer
Certification Steps
Consistent and repeatable analysis results that are traceable and easy to interrogate
Aerospace industry standard loads processing and analysis approaches
Clear documentation available for each stiffness formulation, load processing, and failure analysis methods
Stiffened Panel Segment Analysis
Stiffened panels as skin and stringer structures assembled to define panel segments, consistent with traditional aerospace industry analysis. This approach uses discrete stiffener modeling (DSM)
Improved creation/editing/visualization of DSM segments
Improved selection and interaction through trees and viewport
Analysis plugins for methods customization
Watch window for viewing analysis specific data – with direct interaction with FEM viewer
Analysis Property paradigm for failure criteria assignment onto FEM with visual verification
Metal Specific Analyses
Single-sided and double-sided machining concepts
NACA traditional buckling analysis
Plasticity and in-plane bending loading buckling analysis
Composite Specific Analyses
Traditional ply-based composite strength analyses
Industry laminate-based strength analysis with test data corrections
Stress Reports
Excel spreadsheet summaries
Excel spreadsheet analysis details
Word doc with sample calculations
Improved report controls and format
Detailed load processing reporting for joints

Aerospace Structural Analysis and Design Optimization

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