Why use HyperX Software?

Problem: your engineering team is designing an aircraft structure using industry standard CAD and FEA products, but you have no way to perform automated structural sizing nor margin writing to classical aerospace analysis methods. Because of this your aircraft structure might be 1) over weight, 2) behind schedule, 3) hard to manufacture, with 4) uncertain certification progress and reporting.

Need:  a commercial product that automates your company’s design and analysis process and that digitally connects data to your existing software packages. To be used from concept through preliminary design, all the way to final design and part drawing release.

Solution: use HyperX with your FEA and CAD tools to achieve a fully-optimized, manufacturable practical design. Eliminate costly hours of manual calculations and spreadsheets, by using HyperX by the entire engineering team.

Standardize your company’s analyses with verified methods out of the box, or plug in your company’s own proprietary analysis methods. Since the same analysis methods are used from preliminary to final design, there are no surprise negative margins of safety that would detrimentally affect your schedule or cause weight growth.

Use HyperX Software to Center Your Design

HyperX centers your design by resolving the four critical needs of airframe structures:  reducing weight, shortening schedule, improving producibility, and generating certification stress reports.

  • Decrease weight by optimizing each panel, beam, and joint; ensuring a lightweight design
  • Shortened schedule by reducing design cycle time and engineering labor hours
  • Increase producibility by enforcing design rules and sizing to your company’s metal and composite construction fabrication processes
  • Certify structures faster by analyzing hundreds of aerospace industry standard failure methods, generating real time stress documentation
Minimize weight. Arrow moving down towards center.



Panels and Beams

Fastened and Bonded Joints

Composite Laminates

▼ Sizing Optimization

▼ Trade Studies

Reducing Schedule


Shortened to the Left

Streamline Workflows

FEM Workflow

Analysis Workflow

Design Workflow

◄ Enterprise Workflow

Increasing Producibility. Arrow moving upwards to center.



▲ Plies

▲ Laminates

▲ Composite Stiffened Panels

▲ CAD/CAM Interface

▲Metal Structures

Faster Certification. Arrow moving right towards the center.


Achieved Right in Time

Analysis Consistency

Analysis Traceability

Stress Reports

Analysis Methods

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