Essential Videos

Check the latest videos and get to know HyperX

If you use Nastran, Abaqus, or Optistruct FEA solvers; or HyperMesh, Femap, or Patran FEM processors; or 3DX/CATIA CAD, then HyperX is for you.

HyperX Videos

1. Fundamentals

  • FEM model and FEA results import
  • Structure creation
  • Analysis, Design, and Load Property assignment

2. User Interface

  • Model centric user interaction with all data
  • Data visualization and traceability through all workflows
  • High performance graphics to handle large models with millions of elements
  • High performance database to handle terabytes of data

3. Tutorial – Preliminary Design of an eVTOL UAM Wing

  • Using a coarsely meshed FEM, optimize wing skins, spars, and ribs including panels and edge joints
  • Perform design trades with different materials, laminate families, and panel and joint concepts
  • Upload design trends to cloud or enterprise dashboard to share with project team

Aerospace Structural Analysis and Design Optimization

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