Meet Team Collier Aerospace

We are a group of passionate Aerospace Structural Engineers and Software Developers.

Collier Aerospace at the 2019 Advanced Composite Consortium at NASA Langley!

Grand Opening of the Raleigh, NC Office in 2021!

Team Members

Craig Collier

Founder, President & CEO, Assoc Technical Fellow, AIAA

Ivonne Collier

Founder, Vice President & CFO

Phil Yarrington

Vice President Software

James Ainsworth

Managing Director of Engineering

August Noevere

Manager Research Projects & Senior Aerospace Structural Engineer

Stephen Jones

Manager Software Development

Bertram Stier

Senior Advanced Composites Research Engineer

Charli Cahill

Manager Customer Development & Aerospace Structural Engineer

Mario Lee

Aerospace Research Senior Engineer & Software Developer 

Mischa Pollack

Director of Innovation & Senior Aerospace Engineer

Jennifer Hause

Contracts Analyst & Senior Licensing Specialist

Brent Hall

Lead Aerospace Structural Engineer

Blaine DaRonco

Lead Software Developer

Michael Valle

Lead Software Graphics Developer

John Maitin

Lead Software Developer

Noah Prezant

Lead Plugin Developer & Aerospace Structural Engineer

Lance Simmons

Software Developer

Peter Glenn

Software Developer 

Max Weintraub

Aerospace Structural Engineer

Ryan Holland

Aerospace Structural Engineer

Kelly Ann Smith

Aerospace Structural Engineer

Dave Shriner

IT Coordinator

Chase Collier

Digital Marketing

Katrina Letter

HR Coordinator & Licensing Specialist

Emery Weist

Software Developer

Justin May

Aerospace Structural Engineer

Logan Bilich

Aerospace Structural Engineer

Josh Kokatnur

Aerospace Structural Engineer

Isaac Sloan

Digital Marketing

Brian Alonso

Aerospace Structural Engineer 

Structural Analysis and Design Software for Aerospace

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