Structural Analysis and Design Software for Aerospace

Software to

  • Reduce Structural Weight
  • Shorten Development Schedule
  • Improve Design Producibility
  • Achieve Airframe Certification

Reduce Weight

  • Find the lightest weight materials, composite laminates, and dimensions
  • Explore different designs using rapid sizing
  • Mature your design with detailed sizing

Shorten Schedule


  • Achieve positive margins in 10 times fewer work days
  • Seamlessly go back and forth from analysis to design
  • Shorten PDR to CDR certification timeline

Improve producibility


  • Ply shape and sequencing
  • Thermoset, thermoplastic, resin infusion, fastener counts, induction welds
  • Automated Fiber Placement (AFP) laps, gaps, steering radius

Achieve certification

  • Hundreds of aerospace analysis methods
  • Customer-specific analysis method plugins
  • Analysis visibility with details and equations

Structural Analysis and Design Software for Aerospace