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HyperXpert extends the typical HyperX workflow. It provides access to ALL possible (i.e. positive margin) design options in the design space, and a way to compare those designs with respect to both weight and producibility concurrently, rather than one followed by the other.

Using a full factorial DOE-type approach, HyperXpert systematically varies all design variables, including cross-sectional dimensions, materials, and laminates across a part and organizes the data in a plot for review. This allows you to quickly compare results, understand trends, and decide the “best” design for yourself.

Design for Producibility

Quantify objective manufacturability considerations in the earliest conceptual design phases.

Safety in Data

Feel confident in your design choices, knowing you did your due-diligence to understand the entire design space.

Instantaneous What Ifs

Quickly understand the benefits and trade-offs of each alternate design.

1. Generate data points

Each data point represents a unique part design. Innate to HyperX is its ability to efficiently generate 1000’s of designs, that pass all analysis margin checks for all load cases. In this example there are over 8000 unique part designs available for you to choose from.  The HyperXpert Viewer displays this data and provides you instantaneous filtering and pairing of selected variables. Pareto frontier curves are plotted to identify the best performant design points per filtered value.

2. Inspect data points

Hovering the mouse over any data point results in this pop-up dialogue, which reports which variables are consistent across the part along with their values.  This particular point represents the lightest design that has two unlinked variables: the laminates of the skin and stiffener web, and resulting Δ change in ply counts across the part’s zones.

 3. Select a data point, visualize the design

By selecting this point the stiffener dimensions are linked, but you can continue to optimize the design with the remaining unlinked sizing variables – in this case the skin and stiffener laminates. After the sizing, you can choose to have HyperX generate CAD stiffeners for visual confirmation, as in this example of a commercial wing skin.

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